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A lifetime learning journey

Rosita van Wanrooij - BeingYou@AIG

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Rosita van Wanrooij

Being able to be yourself, we embrace it. Regardless of your gender, religion, sexual preference or ethnicity we embrace who you are, what you think and what you feel. In the BeingYou@AIG series you meet people who make AIG unique. Such as Rosita van Wanrooij, who had, at the young age of 19, already finished two Master’s Degrees when she started as a Claims Handler at AIG. Two additional degrees can soon be added to her already extensive CV and furthermore Rosita was selected for the AIG Academy program. First stop after joining AIG? New York. “I can imagine such opportunities don’t come this fast at other companies.”

Here my development is stimulated and I can learn what’s happening off the beaten track

Who is Rosita van Wanrooij and how did you end up at AIG?

I am 22 years old and I work as a Claims Handler in the Accident & Health department. I came in contact with AIG because of my studies in Law, where I finished a minor in Death and Injuries. I know that may sound heavy, but it was very interesting. Here I came in contact with handling injury cases for the first time. With that interest, I first attended a master in Health Law and then completed a master in Liabilities and Insurance Law. From that master's degree I was allowed to do an internship at AIG and I have been working here for 2 years now.

With all the knowledge you had already gathered, you started at AIG at only 19. What were your experiences?

I never really thought about a career. I just wanted to develop myself in the area I was interested in. Fortunately, after my internship, I was able to work directly at AIG. My age never played a role here. I was able to participate in the team immediately and I was given my own responsibilities.

At a young age you already had a clear idea on how you wanted to develop yourself. What attracts you most in your profession?

I like my job because of the personal and direct contact with the injured parties and the variation of subjects you need to delve into. You may have to deal with various aspects when assessing coverage or liability. Think for example of traffic rules, rules that employers must comply with, rules for forklifts in a warehouse. There are so many topics and the legal aspect is very much connected to the human element. In the case of personaldamages due to injury, for example, I look at the kind of help people need and how they recover. In addition to personal damages, my department also handles claims on personal accident insurance. These claims focus more on the general terms and conditions. This variety makes my work very challenging and fun.

AIG offers many opportunities for training and courses, which is really fantastic. I can imagine such opportunities don’t come this fast at other companies.

What makes the insurance industry such a good place to develop yourself?

I can only base it on my experience at AIG of course, but it is an easy question because you get a lot of freedom here. My colleagues are really adaptable, I have the opportunity to work from home and I got a lot of trust when I started working here. I was very pleased that I was allowed to start immediately and handle various types of claims. In addition, I get a lot of opportunities to follow courses at AIG, which is really fantastic. For example, I have already completed a minor course in Small Injuries and I am now attending a course in Mid-level and Severe Injuries. I can imagine such opportunities don’t come this fast at other companies.

And the finest opportunity presented itself rather quickly

When I joined AIG, I was allowed to apply for the AIG Academy, a two-year global program for people with little experience in insurance. I got accepted and had the first meeting in New York, where various activities were organized and we learned a lot in a fun way. So I'd just started working for AIG and immediately received this great opportunity.

During this program there is a test every quarter that you have to pass to continue and in between you follow online training. At the second meeting in New York we were also challenged to think along with complex issues, such as the effect of climate change on insurance. That leads to interesting discussions with people from all over the world and is therefore very educational.

With all the knowledge you already have, aren't you tired of learning?

I don't stop learning here. I believe it is very important that my development is stimulated within AIG and that I can learn what's happening off the beaten track. Like the fact that, thanks to the AIG Academy, I can work on a project beyond my own discipline. Also, In December I will complete my training for Mid-level and Severe Injuries, which I attended this year. Learning will always be a part of me, although I think I might take a little rest next year.