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Up to innovate?

Topic Knowledge and Insights

Jeroen Zohlandt

It is autumn again. And, in my own tradition, when the leaves are falling down, it’s time to reflect. With admiration, I observe the industries around me and the novelties they bring. The Accenture Innovation Awards Summit of last October proved that our world still embraces great new concepts.

Winners in customer experience

What to think of the Momala app, with an algorithm that can detect the presence of Malaria parasites on a regular blood smeared slide at a fraction of traditional cost. A huge win on malaria, a disease that kills an African child every 2 minutes. Or the IV-Walk, a wearable infusion vest that enables patients to walk around in hospitals without carrying a huge infusion installation with them. Invented by a former leukemia patient, it drives the recovery process by reducing the feeling of being sick. A great winner in the customer experience category.

Value for money

All these great novelties raise the question how our own industry is doing. Are we meeting the quickly changing demands of our clients and contribute evenly to the evolvement of our society as a whole. Or, is the innovation temperature in our industry falling down as quickly as autumn brings us? Let us be honest, as members of the financial services industry, we don’t easily find ourselves at the top of customer experience ratings. And, given the soft market we have been experiencing for years, clients have to keep on challenging us on the “value for money” balance of services.

Challenge the status quo

With this year’s Ferma theme 'Risk Manager in pole position, steering risk in turbulent times’ we are challenged again to adapt to changing times. By the innovation of technological products or services, or with a more drastic change of our business models. All meant to better meet our clients’ demands and offer the best and cost effective solutions. Being driven and inspired by new innovations, I will continuously challenge the status quo of what we do and strive to rise the falling autumn temperature again.