AIG Travel Toolkit

You want to travel safely. That is why we already packed you a digital suitcase. Is has all the right tools to use before, during and after your trip.

Travel safely!

Travel app

Our app has a one-touch help button, which connects you directly to emergency travel assistance. Search for AIG Travel Assistance in your App Store, or click here for Android or iOS.

Travel Card

For these moments you don't carry your smartphone with you, we have a Travel Card with our emergency number. Just print your card and write your policy number on it. Easy.

Claim Form

We hope you never have to use it. But if something happens during your trip, you can use a claim form to inform us. It's good to have this with you when travelling.

Travel Assistance

AIG Travel Assistance has everything you need for a well prepared trip. Our website and app provide you with all the tools to travel safely.

Logging in is easy with only your policy number.

Country Reports

Our country reports tell you all you need to know about the country your travelling to. Whether it's safety, health risks or the political situation.

Security Training

Learn to stay healthy or prevent becoming a victim of crime when crossing borders. Our Security Training tells you what to do in various situations.

Travel Alerts

Our email alert service will keep you ahead of changing situations that could cause disruption to your trip.