Underwriting Authority

AIG Europe, Netherlands (hereafter AIG) offers non-life insurance through independent brokers and authorized agents (underwriting authority).

Authorized Agents

These authorized agents have been given the authority by AIG to offer insurance products on behalf of AIG within previously agreed frameworks. In all cases, AIG remains the risk bearer. An authorized agent is independent of AIG and it can choose insurance products from other insurers than AIG. There is no obligation for the authorized agent to place insurances with AIG.

Activities of authorized agents

The authorized agent works like an insurer and has taken over a big part of the activities of insurer. Think of activities like quoting, accepting and adapting insurances, conducting the policy administration, the collection of premium and, in certain cases, claim handling. The authorized agent does this for the account and risk of the principal, in this case AIG. An authorized agent always works with an intermediary that is appointed by the client and that provides advice to the client. This can be an affiliated intermediary or this can be an external intermediary. The point of contact for the client is the authorized agent or the intermediary.

Regulation Authorized Agents

An authorized agent must have the required permits in place and these permits are checked regularly. The permits are also registered with the AFM, the Dutch regulator. Also, many authorized agents are a member of a trade association, such as the Nederlandse Vereniging van Gevolmachtigde Assurantiebedrijven (NVGA - Dutch Association of Authorized Insurance Companies), that applies its own quality standards.


AIG provides authorities to authorized agents on commercial non-life insurances. This includes the following product groups: Personal Insurance (Collective Accidents, Business Travel, SVV and WEGAS), Financial Lines (Directors' Liability, Professional Liability and Cyber) and Specialty (Land and Work Equipment).

You can view the full list of AIG-appointed authorized agents here


When you want to conclude an insurance with us, Insurance cards (IPIDs) give you a quick insight in what is and what is not insured. This way you immediately know what our policy conditions are. It helps you compare AIG's insurance with that of other providers.

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For other / further information, please contact AIG's Authorized Agent’s Department. This can be done by telephone (010-453 5455) or by e-mail (volmachten@aig.com).

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